Welder Ranch


Welder Outfitting Services
P. O. Box 823
Meeker, Colorado 81641

Phone  (970) 878-9869
Cell  (970) 314-5923 (Shawn Welder)
Email  packtrip@cmn.net

Directions From Meeker to Welder Ranch (45 minutes).

  • The directions and map (above) are calculated driving east from the White River Inn on Market Street just east of the Blue Spruce Inn to Welder Ranch: You will have to adjust your route if you are driving west from Craig or the back ways from Denver or Steamboat Springs. 
  • Keep in mind that this map “dead ends” (the road doesn’t) where a mailbox would be if there was mail delivery (which there isn’t).  It actually ends (on the map) after the turnoff to the ranch.  If you zoom in and follow the river, you can see 2 ponds to the right of the river - ours is the second one.  If you follow it back to the blue route line, you will see the turnoff.  At the turnoff, there’s a sign on the RIGHT (Welder Outfitters) that tells you to turn LEFT onto  the little dirt road (lane, really – one-way traffic) across from the Welder Outfitters sign.  See Signposts, below.
  • You will come to a gate, which may or not be open, depending on where the horses are.  If it’s open, leave it open; if it’s closed, close it behind you. 
  • You have almost reached your destination when you have the pond on your left and a little cabin on the right.  If you keep going down the lane, you will come to a gate on the left leading into the corrals.  That's where we'll meet for rides.

Signposts along the way to the ranch

  • From Meeker, as Market Street turns back into HWY 13 going East, you’ll pass a grocery store on the left and about 2 miles out of town there’s the RIGHT turn onto HWY 8.  A little bit after you turn, you’ll see a sign that says Scenic byway and you’ll pass an historical marker on the right.  The road will weave around and more or less follow the river all the way to your turnoff (you won’t cross the river until you turn off HWY 8 near the ranch).  
  • On the left, across the road from your County Rd 12 turnoff is an earth home, which is your cue to turn RIGHT on the dirt road. Then you’ll see Sizemore’s on the right and then you’ll cross the river.  You will come almost immediately to a T – take a LEFT and you will pass Fritzlan’s on your left.  The dirt road will curve to the right and when it straightens out you’ll pass another lodge, another right curve, then there will be the little dirt lane on the LEFT that takes you to the property. Watch for this obscure turnoff and the Welder Outfitters sign.