Application deadline: April 2nd

Elk & Deer


Deer & Elk  •  30 days  •  Saturday, Aug. 31–Sept. 29


Deer & Elk  •  9 days  •  Saturday, Sept. 14–22


1st Season  •  Elk Only  •  5 days   •  Saturday, Oct. 12–16

2nd Season  •  Deer & Elk  •  9 days  •  Saturday, Oct. 19–27

3rd Season  •  Deer & Elk  •  9 days  •  Saturday, Nov. 2–10

4th Season  •  Deer & Elk  •  5 days  •  Wednesday, Nov. 13–17

You can get the printed version of the Big Game hunting Guide Form the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303-297-1192. It's a great resource that we recommend! 



16 days  •  Saturday, Sept. 7–29


9 days  •  Saturday, Sept. 14–22


14 days  •  Saturday, Oct. 1–14


Bear tags are also available (please call for details). Tags are usually easy to get.

Application Information & Instructions

Hunting license applications are due before midnight on the first Tuesday in April each year (April 2nd)

Apply early to avoid any last-minute online rush!

You can submit your application online or by mail (a mail-in application comes with the printed brochure).

Nonresident big game applications can only be accepted by mail.

All nonresident big game licenses purchased automatically include an annual fishing license, so bring your fishing rod when you're hunting or start planning a summer scouting trip.