Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Shawn Welder

At 16 Shawn got his first chance to work on a mountain ranch learning about horses, ranching, outfitting, and guest services and his life in the mountains was sealed.

After being honorably discharged from the US Army in 1985, Shawn went right back to horses and outfitting by managing the Ruby Ranch stables in the mountains of Summit County, CO for the next four years and he later managed a beautiful ranch on the Blue River for 12 more. 

Shawn earned a science degree from the Colorado Mt  College in 1988.    

In 2000, after living on the Blue River for 16 years, Shawn relocated back to the White River to pursue the family ranch and outfitting business he and Brian started in 1988.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Brian Welder

Brian Welder also gained experience as a young man working on in the recreational ranch business like the Rio Blanco Ranch.  While attending Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Brian also gained experience working for Winter Hawk Ranch training horses.

After graduating, Brian returned to Meeker to manage Welder Ranch and also operated the horse program at Rio Blanco Ranch for many years. Brain currently owns and operates Maroon Bells Stables and Outfitting near Aspen, CO, during the summer and helps with the family outfitting during the Fall. Brian is still guiding clients after starting Welder Outfitting in 1988. Brian and Shawn always talked about forming an Outfitting business and when Brian graduated from fort Lewis College he moved back to Meeker to start Welder Outfitting.


Karl Maser

Karl works in engineering for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the winter months and lives in the upper White River valley in the summer and fall. Karl, along with his wife Mona and kids Jeremiah and Owen operate and own Ute Lodge.  Karl’s knowledge and passion for hunting and guiding has made him a reputation as one of the best guides in the valley.  Many clients of Welder Outfitting stay at Ute Lodge.

John Rogers  As a child, JR found his calling being outdoors and in the mountains. For something like the last 30 years JR has been a professional skier employed by Deer Valley in Utah. His athletic ability and outdoor skills has served him well in his lifelong interest in hunting and skiing. JR has been guiding for Welder Outfitting for almost 20 years

John Rogers (JR)

As a child, JR found his life long calling for being outdoors and in the mountains.  For over 30 years, JR has been a professional skier employed by Deer Valley in Utah and other ski resorts.  His athletic ability and outdoor skills have served him well in his lifelong interest in hunting and guiding. JR has been guiding with Welder Outfitting since for 20 years.



Colt started hunting as young kid and connecting with the outdoors at an early age led Colt to a life outdoors.  Colt’s education and his background working for the Colorado division of Wildlife set his course to become an excellent guide.  As an expert kayaker and endurance athlete, Colt takes takes guiding skills to a very high level.

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Kolin Welder

Kolin has been helping with the guiding and horse packing since he was kid.  At 24 years of age Kolin already has many of years of experience guiding, hunting and fishing in the high country of the White River. His fishing and guide skills keep him outdoors year round.  Kolin spends his Winter’s working at Steamboat Ski resort and is completing degree program at the Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC).


Buckshot and Me.jpg

Valerie Dolbrich

A wildlife biologist most of the year, Valerie spends more time in the backwoods than the other guides.  Her wildlife surveys take her to remote areas throughout the western mountains, often with a horse (by the name of Buck).



David Wilder Barrato Baltazar

David is a seasonal ranch worker but deserves as much credit as any Welder Outfitting guides. David takes care of the livestock including horses and his efforts have been a huge contribution to Welder Outfitting for 12 years now! His behind the scenes hard work supports the guides and hunters when they need it most.



Ethan Domina

Ethan was born and raised in Scottsville, NY and has found a home guiding for Welder Outfitting in the Colorado mountains for the past several years. Like all good hunting and fishing guides, the outdoors runs in his veins. Ethan found his passion at a young age and grew up fishing and hunting with his father and brother.  Athletic, talented, and very good with people, Ethan has become an excellent guide.


Meghan Little

Meghan grew up on her parent's horse farm in PA, where she learned to ride at an early age and competed most weekends at hunter/jumper horse shows. After graduating from Ursinus College, her love of the outdoors and skiing brought her to Aspen, CO, where she has been for 12 years and a ski instructor for 7 winters. During the last 8 summers, Meghan managed Maroon Bells Guide and Outfitters for Brian Welder. Meghan helps out mostly with horses, packing out camps and game. Her love and passion for horses and the great outdoors is apparent in her work and attitude.  Boozer is 14 years old and Meghan's loyal, best bud along with her favorite horse, Arthur.

There are many other crew members not yet listed here that make Welder Outfitting the great experience that it is.